Haiti News and Mission Trips

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October 2009 Catholic Consortium for International Health Care trip to Port-au-Prince and western Haiti

March 2009: UVa Catholic students and Fr. Greg visit Haiti.

March 2009 - Currently applying for Battaglia Grant to improve school garden.

February 2009: Medical trip, Vision and Hearing screening - was very successful

December 2008: Medical/School trip

October 2008: Fact Finding trip to Haiti

August/September 2008: Hurricanes strike again

May 2008: Food Riots in Haiti

March 2008: CSM Basketball/ school activities

January/February 2008: At the end of January, six parishioners of St. Thomas Aquinas traveled to Saltadere to perform hearing and vision screening at St. Michel School there.More Information Click.

Greg and Janie Pudhorodsky from Church of the Incarnation and Terry and Vince Powers of St. Thomas Aquinas visited Saltadere in mid-January accompanying a group of Medical Missionaries who were traveling to the St. Joseph Clinic in Thomassique.

Winter 2007: Hearing that Haiti and Saltadere had been hard hit by Hurricane Noel, the parishioners of St. Thomas Aquinas and Holy Comforter responded generously with funding to provide emergency food for the many whose crops were wiped out by the storm and for those whose homes, along with their food supplies, were destroyed. Thank You

As if Noel wasn't’t enough, on December 11 Haiti was again inundated by Tropical Storm Olga. Pere Blot, in a recent conversation, assured us that no substantial damage had occurred in Saltadere and he requested no assistance.

January 2007: Mission trip to Haiti, Medical & School