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1. March 2015 Trip to Saltadere

UVA students visited Saltadere, Haiti, in March 2015. Please follow the link below to read the report from this trip.


2. January 2015 Trip to Saltadere

The reports from a recent trip to Saltadere, Haiti are now available at the following link



St. Michel School
From 2007-2011 we raised approximately $200,000, and built 2 new, concrete, school buildings made up of 16 classrooms. These new school buildings, intended to serve the Saltadere community, now aid in the education of over 700 students, many of which are refugees from Port-au-Prince and other areas. Along with these new school buildings we also assist in the upkeep of two other area schools that service the roughly 40,000 people living in the Saltadere region. Moving forward we hope to build more school buildings to accommodate the increase in student enrollment. If you would like to sponsor a child, please see the link below.
Summary of Our Work

While we have made significant progress in these areas there is still much to be done. Our current projects include the upkeep of 3 schools in the area, sponsorship of individual students, facilitating healthcare in the region, the creation of a new clinic building, irrigation and other clean water projects, and a micro-loan fund aimed at assisting local businesses. If you are interested in contributing to any of these endeavors please see below.

Singing Rooster Coffee

Great opportunity to support people in Haiti! 100% of Singing Rooster's proceeds go back to Haiti to provide direct assistance to rural coffee farming communities. The proceeds from coffee also support new teacher education to ensure human development in Haiti.

There are currently three locations where you can purchase Singing Rooster Coffee and help people in Haiti with your donation:

1. St. Thomas Church

2. Catholic Mass in Field School, Crozet

3. Holy Comforter Church

(See the links below for the location information)

Please see more information and ways to purchase the coffee at the following link http://www.singingrooster.org/buycoffee.html

Haitian Station - Newsletter

Please follow this link to see the updates from Saltadere, Haiti.

Our Old Web site

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A web site discussing the ongoing projects in Saltadere, Haiti sponsored by friends in the Charlottesville, Virginia area and members of St. Thomas Aquinas Church and Holy Comforter Church.
Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Americas due to many natural disasters which have destroyed economic growth. Our goal is to provide long term assistance to a remote area of Haiti, the roughly 40,000 people living in the Saltadere region. Over the past few years we have built two new school buildings, established a medical clinic, and begun a clean water project for irrigation and everyday life.

In the early 1990’s our church (committee) set out to provide lasting assistance in whatever way possible to an impoverished region of Haiti. Since then Haiti, and the Saltadere community, has faced multiple hurricane disasters which destroyed homes, businesses, and lives. The result was a community that needed help.

Our Goals
Welcome to Saltadere.org!
Our Background
Sponsor a Child from the School
Health Clinic Project
We have also begun a clinic to help those struggling with disease and illness in the region. We help midwives and doctors treat their patients by provided pharmaceuticals and other supplies. One of our current goals is to raise money for a new clinic building. This new building would give people a permanent place to go and be treated rather than the temperamental nature of a makeshift clinic. It would provide beds, instead of mattresses on a floor, and the ability to house more permanent medical devices for long term care. To donate to the healthcare fund please click below.
Health Clinic Project
Clean Water Project
Another project we are involved with is a clean water project. There are two main sources of water in Saltadere, a river and a water pipeline. The water pipeline provides clean, potable water to the community, while the river is mostly used for irrigation. However many people are unable to attain water from the pipeline and instead use river water for drinking and eating, leading to diseases such as cholera. Our aim is to expand the pipeline so that more people have access to safe water. We also intend to expand the irrigation from the river to the amount of land usable for agriculture. Please donate to our clean water fund by clicking the link below.
Clean Water for Haiti Directory
Micro-loan Fund
Our Ongoing Projects
The final project we are a part of is a micro-loan fund designed to provide local businesses with startup capital. The creation of business is essential in revitalizing a region’s economy. We have helped create a liquid soap business which is the first manufacturing operation in the area. The establishment of successful businesses with essential products is a key to growth. If you would like to help with your expertise on the matter or donate to our micro-loan fund please copy the information from the link below.
These projects are all part of creating a sustainable long-term community with the goal of complete independence. With our assistance, the region of Saltadere can greatly increase its standards of living and eventually develop an independent and self-sustaining economy.
Micro-loan Fund

Want to See Minutes from the Committee Meetings?

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Want to See Reports from Our Recent Trips?

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Singing Rooster Coffee is a great way to support Haiti as 100% of the proceeds go back to Haiti to provide direct assistance to rural coffee farming communities.