Report of Father Blot’s Visit to St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Charlottesville, Virginia -- December 1 to 7, 2010

As Father Stephen Alcott put it, “it was wonderful to see him again, and for so many groups of people in our university parish to hear his words of prayer and blessing at Mass and also meet and talk with him.”

Certainly, Father Blot has conveyed to us the reality behind the mission of our committee. We are energized to continue our support for the parish of St. Michel and its school.

Father Blot arrived late in the day on December 1 and had a full schedule during his time in Charlottesville. He was able to have a personal health visit and an eye check-up and several immunizations. He met with the Catholic Student Ministry including several students who had visited St. Michel last May. He met with the Haiti committee and with the Senior Group of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish. He gave the homily at the Sunday masses and visited with parishioners after the masses. This weekend was also the time of the Alternate Gift Fair and Father Blot was an encouraging presence at the table of Haitian Art and Crafts which the committee sponsored. Rounding out his visit, Father Blot visited the Charlottesville Catholic School to answer student questions. In the past the CCS students raised funds to allow Father Blot to purchase bushes and trees and flowers for the grounds of St. Michel School.

Father Blot’s visit was supported by the work of the Haiti Committee of the parish and complements the visits of parishioners to Saltadere and St. Michel. In the upcoming year, visits are planned for January and February. Other visits may be scheduled in March and April.

All are agreed. Our twinning relationship is a blessing to our community in Charlottesville and is an example of the truism---you receive more than you give. The committee’s work is really a team effort and could not happen without the various strengths of each individual. We also rely on kindred souls in the broader Charlottesville community to help us carry out our mission, for example the several health care providers who assisted Father Blot at no charge for services.

If you would like to know more about St. Michel Parish and School and the committee’s work in Saltadere, Haiti, visit or contact

Pere Blot pastor of St. Michel Church in Saltadere, Haiti visits St. Thomas in December 2010

Above: a visit with the Catholic Student Misistry, and a picture of Fr. Stephen and Pere Blot before Mass

Pictures of Pere Blot Visit

Pere Blot Sermon